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    來源:http://www.jnhsjlm.com 日期:2023-06-01 發布人:guanli
    1. Due to a malfunction or displacement, there is a communication failure or inability to communicate with each other between two sensors.
    If one of the sensors malfunctions or malfunctions, it will send a signal to the door control motor, telling it not to close the door. Therefore, if you encounter a situation where the Jinan garage door cannot be fully closed or partially closed and then automatically opens, the first step should be to check if the sensor has left the track due to human or other reasons. If so, please reinstall it back in place and ensure that the two sensors remain level. If it is a sensor malfunction, the sensor needs to be replaced. This situation is quite complex, it is recommended to hire relevant professionals for maintenance.
    2. When the sensors are working properly, there are obstacles between them.
    What happens if the signal emitted by the sensor encounters obstacles during transmission? One reason may be that after a period of time, the signal transmission or reception lens of the sensor is covered with dust. Therefore, please use a dry cloth to wipe the lens, especially the dust on the lens. Of course, if there are other obstacles, such as tires stored in the garage, brooms, or even a leaf blocking the signal transmission path of the sensor, it may also cause the door to fail to close.
    In most cases, when the door control motor receives a signal of "do not close the door" during the process of closing the door, it will pull the door back to the open state and emit a "click click click" sound after fully returning, reminding us that the door cannot be safely closed.
    If you encounter this situation again, it is recommended to first briefly check if there are any problems with the sensors at home or if there are obstacles around, and then consider whether professional maintenance personnel are needed to avoid unnecessary expenses. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.llswdz.com consulting service

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